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At long last, we took the time to create a current version of this always needed and much used function that is missing from the core Mautic install.

The most requested add-on for mautic

If you’re here, it means you have been actively looking for the solution to one of the biggest problems with the otherwise amazing Open Source Automation Application Mautic. To say it’s full featured is a total understatement. It works amazingly well and can do so much I wouldn’t even attempt to list them all here. Those of us that have used for a long time have always wondered why the main core of the app didn’t include the ability to email details pulled from your site’s RSS feed.

There was a time back in version 2, a few people got together and wrote up a nice little open source app to make this happen. It worked well and everything seemed to hum along just fine until the big update to Mautic Version 3 came along.

I took it upon myself working with my coders to take that old code, clean it up, test it repeatedly and we have it working perfectly on Version 3. We are not  looking to get rich making this available to the community but want to make sure the coders are paid and our minimal costs to keep this site up and running are all covered. So to that end we are offering this Plug In for the one time cost of $9.95 US. That is for unlimited sites, for life. We will make any updates for life as needed when new Mautic updates come that might muck it up.

Click the button below, make your payment, download the plugin package and read the installation and usage notes and off you go. Glad to have you aboard.

This is a one time payment, for use on unlimited sites, lifetime updates
*By purchasing you agree to the Terms & Conditions

About the coder

Not really much to say here, just a bunch of guys that have always enjoyed coding have done it for years for large corporations and decided to put our talents to some pet projects. This was the number one requested item to get working. Honestly we didn’t really know much of anything about Mautic before this, now we are believers it’s a great program and we are fully impressed with the code they use.


We are also going to release some freebies for the Mautic crowd just little tidbits that will be helpful for most users. If not already listed below they will be coming very soon.
Code Monkeys

Other Apps


I can't tell you how long I've used Mautic wishing they would add this function as a core feature. Well done guys

J. Marcus

The lack of being able to use a feed in my drip emails was the one thing keeping me from giving up my Mailchimp account and going full Mautic. You've saved me from a world of always have to move info back and forth.

Ron Jessup

Took a long time for someone to make the effort to update the old plugin to finally work in Version 3. Many thanks gents


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